Specializing in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in Bergen County, NJ

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Change is not easy, and often the most difficult part is making the decision to seek help. For many people admitting that they need help is hard. But, it is not a sign of weakness. It takes a great deal of courage to take this initial step,
As a psychologist, I do everything in my power to ensure that my clients are given appropriate and state-of-the-art interventions to maximize positive change. At the same time, I consider the individual needs of everyone I see and make sure that the empirically supported interventions I use are tailored to meet their needs.
I am a certified cognitive therapist, www.academyofct.org, with over 30 years’ experience practicing cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). I have advanced training in treatment of OCD and have successfully treated many individuals with severe, complicated and treatment-resistant OCD. I also specialize in treating anxiety disorders (including panic disorder) and depression. Other areas of expertise include trichotillomania and other body-focused repetitive behaviors, PTSD, substance abuse, anger management, assertiveness training, stress management, and help with “life” problems. I am committed to offering my clients state-of-the-art CBT interventions with substantial research support to show their effectiveness. At the same time, I understand the importance of providing a highly supportive environment conducive to helping people work on improving their lives.

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